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Please, please, please encourage your students to get LOTS of sleep and drink LOT of water.  This week gets crazy and they need to take good care of themselves and their voice. 


REHEARSAL SCHEDULE – please pick up your student at Carco at the listed time (we literally have to vacate at the end time, so if you are late your child is stuck standing outside):

  • Tuesday @ Carco (the students will be bussed to the theater): 2:30 – 7

  • Wednesday @ Carco (Carpool – see below): 2:30 - 8

  • Thursday @ Carco (the students will be bussed to the theater): 3:30 – after school (8:30/9ish)

  • Friday @ Carco (Carpool – see below): 3:30 – after the school (8:30/9ish)

  • Saturday @ Carco : 10:30 – 10 (clean up, take down and removal of everything from the theater



  • Thursday students need to be at school by 8 AM for chapel

  • Dressed in normal uniform bottom and their Frozen sweatshirt (we will hand these out to all students at dress rehearsal on Wednesday)



  • Please review the schedule attached.  Please note the arrival times for each day.

  • ALL volunteers need to be at the theater from 4-8 on Wednesday so that you can learn make-up, hair, costume changes, etc. 



  • We are contracted to have the theater empty and clean by as close to 10 pm as possible on Saturday night

  • This means we need EVERYONE TO STAY AND HELP (including the students)

  • Please, please, please make plans to stay and help us load costumes, sets, props, concessions, and everything else out.

  • Please let me know if you can take:

    • Costumes to take back to RCS – 3-4 cars

    • Larger set pieces (bed, matress, door) – back to Barsness help (we just need a truck to load)

    • Costumes baskets back to RCS – 2 cars



  • The following students are still missing these pieces.  Please bring them to the theater Tuesday:

    • Avery- khaki shorts (has navy)

    • Isabella – Khaki/Hawaiian shorts

    • Lexi - Hawaiian shorts

    • Mia- flip flops 

    • Rylee - Hawaiian shorts

    • Luciana - Hawaiian shorts & sandals/flip flops

    • Tanya needs - White tights



  • Heidi will need help tomorrow (Tuesday 1/21) to finish up a few projects that still need to be done (yes, there is more😊). She will be in the resource room at RCS from 8:30AM until 2PM, and at Carco theater from 2:30PM-7PM.   Even if you only have an hour, please, please, please, stop by and help her cross something off her list.   



  • The kids did GREAT today.  They ate lunch and cleaned up the lobby so nice!!!  I gave them a huge compliment for how great they did.

  • Tuesday: Please again plan to pack a “sack dinner” for your student.  We are not scheduling a dinner break on Tuesday, so they will need “snacky” food.

  • Wednesday: we will run the full show twice with a very quick dinner break between.  Please pack quick food that you child can access when they have a break

  • Thursday/Friday: your child will likely need to eat dinner by 4:30/5 before we do full costume and make-up.  Please make sure they have a sack dinner so that they can eat when they are a break. 

  • Saturday, they will need to come fed and then will have dinner between shows

  • Please DO NOT back anything that can stain – the kids will NOT be allowed to snack on anything that has sauce (BBQ, etc), red/blue berries, colored beverages – water is best, etc.



  • Please make sure you buy your tickets to a show soon – some of the shows are filling up fast

  • Please, please, please promote the show to your friends and family.  We are doing regular post on the Renton Christian Facebook page and Instagram page – please share!!!



Still missing: 

  • Joan of Arc portrait – about 3’ x 5’



Please review the attached concessions list. Concession sales help us to offset theatre program costs, it's important that all families participate.  The expense to each family is approximately $30. In pricing things out, the best "deals" can be found at Walmart, Costco, and Smart Food Service Warehouse. If you do not have the time to pick up your item, you have the option to send Erin Johnson (206) 679 9248 $25 and she will purchase your item(s) for you; Venmo (Erin-Johnson-263), PayPal (PayPal.Me/ErinMJ) or Zelle 206.679.9248.  


Note: Unlike Renton Civic Theatre, Carco does NOT allow food/drink inside the actual theatre. For this reason, we are asking that all soda products be purchased in the 7.5 oz "mini" size. This was also a consideration when we identified the type and size of food items. 


Erin will be collecting items near the flagpole AFTERSCHOOL on Thursday, January 16 and Friday, January 17, or you may bring your item(s) to the theatre on Monday, January 20. We will be checking items off the list at they are brought in. Unless otherwise noted, all items are due by the end of rehearsal on Monday, January 20. 

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