May 16th - Show week!!!!

SHOW WEEK! This is soooo exciting. Please see below for updates on schedules and help needed (LOTS!).

Major points (click to jump directly to the section):


Concessions (from Michelle Beckley):Due Monday May 2nd (now May 9th)

In order to make it easy for everyone, we are asking for each family (Jr. High and 6th grade) to contribute $25 to help with the purchase of candy, drinks, flowers, etc. Once we have received funds, we will go shopping for everything at once.

If you prefer to purchase your own items to bring (as has been requested in the past) to the theatre for us to use at concessions, please reach out to Michelle Beckley (contact information below) so that I can make sure to assign you something and not duplicate items.

As a reminder, all proceeds from the sales of concessions go to fund the cost of licensing, renting and performing HSM2 Jr. at Carco Theatre.

How to contribute (preferably via Venmo):

Venmo information:@Michelle-Beckley-1 (picture of Matthew and their dog)

Cash or check (payable to Michelle Beckley) turned in to Mrs. Hanson in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and write “Michelle Beckley” on the outside.

Please send in funds by Monday May 9, 2022.

Please feel free to reach out to me via phone/text or email if you have any questions:

Michelle Beckley



Volunteer Schedule

The volunteer schedule as now been updated for any feedback I have received. Please review and be aware of times. Note we are still in need of volunteers for the Saturday 2pm show backstage, as well as help in the lobby (programs and concessions) for almost all shows).

Also, we need all the help we can get at the theater from 1:30-7:45 on Tuesday and Wednesday (dress rehearsal). We do FULL costume and make-up, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come help if you are able (I totally understand it is during the work day and that may preclude many, but whenever your day ends, please come on down and help us put on make-up, dress kids, iron costumes, arrange props, and practice for the show).



We are contracted to have the theater empty and clean by as close to 10 pm as possible on Saturday May 21st

This means we need EVERYONE TO STAY AND HELP (students are not allowed to leave until the theatre is completely clean)

Please, please, please make plans to stay and help us load costumes, sets, props, concessions, and everything else out.

Please let me know if you can take:

  • Costumes to take back to RCS – 3-4 cars

  • Larger set/prop pieces: carts, treasure chests, etc.

  • Costumes/Make-up baskets back to RCS – 2 cars

  • Take costumes home to be washed - 3-4 people



Please grab your tickets - they are now on sale to the general public and an email will go to all RCS families tomorrow.

Please, please, please promote the show to your friends and family. We are doing regular post on the Renton Christian Facebook page and Instagram page – please share!!!

Please note, both the Saturday 2pm and the Saturday 7pm show will be livestreamed. Viewers will need to purchase a ticket ($20) which will give them a one-time access code via the ShowTix4U livestreaming site.


REHEARSAL SCHEDULE - all times are mandatory

A reminder that all kids will take the BUS to Carco each day.

Please note that your child must be at school to attend rehearsal and all rehearsals this week are mandatory. Rehearsal begins 1:30 everyday this week.

Rehearsal ends at 7:45.

Please send food and water with your child to the theater. We will not break for dinner at specific time, so your children need to be able to eat whenever they have a free moment. Also, please do not rely on UberEats or GrubHub deliveries. The theater is locked during our rehearsals and often times there is not someone in the lobby to let the drivers in.


Carco Theater expectations (food and phones)

  • Please send a full packed dinner with your child to school (unless you plan to be at the theater helping). I have no idea when they will have a break for dinner, so it is imperative that the kids have food available for whenever the chance arises.

  • ONLY water is allowed back stage - no sodas, cans, gatorades, etc. Only water with a resealable top.

  • Please DO send LOTS of WATER and snacks with your cast member.

  • Please DO NOT bring items that can stain costumes or fingers (e.g., doritos, cheetos, raspberries, etc.)

  • Please DO NOT have food delivered. The lobby of the theater is locked, so delivery drivers will not be able to delver the food.

**All phones, smart watches, ipads or any other smart device will be put in a phone box during rehearsals (from 1:30-6:45). Therefore, please do not expect that your cast member will text or call you back (or see your text) during that period of time. Please feel free to call Mrs. Hanson (206-914-3863) or Cam B (206-330-1982) if you have an urgent need.


AFTER PARTY - SATURDAY MAY 21ST 10 PM - 11:30(ISH)PM - $5 per person attending

Melissa Gilbert has graciously planned a CAST WRAP party in the RCS lunchroom after we wrap (and clean the theater) on Saturday May 21st. She is ordering pizza (Dominoes), making cupcakes and getting other eats and drinks.

In order to cover the costs, please send $5 per person attending (cast, crew and parents) to me, Cam Barsness. You can either use PayPal (Name: Erik Barsness @erikbarsness), Venmo (name: Erik and Cam Barsness @Erik-Barsness) - both have a picture of Erik and I, or hand me cash.


Thanks so much and see you are the theatre!!!