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Important update regarding the MTCA fundraiser

Hello Musical theatre families,

First, a BIG thank you so much to all of the families that were able to join us for the long meeting last night!! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet so many new ones. Thank you to those that have already said you are willing to help make this production possible for your kids!! It takes a village to bring the magic of theatre to the stage. For those that are still thinking and praying about what gifts you would like to share with us, we are here if and when you have questions.

I know we shared LOTS of information last night. The most pressing is regarding MTCA. First, is this a trip your child would like to make? Please chat with your child and let us know on Monday 9/12 if they are interested in making the trip to CA with us, and if yes, are you or another family member interested in being a chaperone?

Now, for the BIG reason for this email tonight. After discussing the fundraiser with my team, we have decided we need to postpone to next month. We want to kids to feel confident in their performances and give everyone time to spread the word so we have a LARGE crowd to come and watch them!!! The kids don't know about the change yet because the decision was made after school today. Please let them know they have a little more time to prepare. :) We have looked at the school calendar and have a tentative date of Oct 14th. (same time and location)

We will announce the show in a fun way on Monday. I will also give them all the information for auditions. My hope is they will feel prepared to audition on Wednesday. Please have them continue to work on their Broadway song (just need the chorus and a verse) for their audition and I will hand out monologues on Monday for them to memorize.

I so appreciate you and your patience. Theatre is fluid and sometimes we need to pivot. This is going to be a great show!!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Hanson

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