HSM 2 Saturday Reminders

Arrival: 10:30 am. Please arrive clean and ready at the theatre at 10:30 am. It works best to come with a fully belly, as we will not break for lunch before the show. We will break for dinner between the shows (likely between 4-5), but all students must remain at the theatre and in costume during this time, so please meal plan accordingly.



We are contracted to have the theater empty and clean by as close to 10 pm as possible on Saturday May 21st. This means we need EVERYONE TO STAY AND HELP.

Please note that Mrs. Hanson will not release students until the theatre is completely cleaned and empty.

Please, please, please make plans to stay and help us load costumes, sets, props, concessions, and everything else out.

Please let me know if you can take:

  • Costumes to take back to RCS – 3-4 cars

  • Larger set/prop pieces: carts, treasure chests, etc.

  • Costumes/Make-up baskets back to RCS – 2 cars

  • Take costumes home to be washed - 3-4 people


AFTER PARTY - SATURDAY MAY 21ST 10 PM - 11:30(ISH)PM - $5 per person attending

Melissa Gilbert has graciously planned a CAST WRAP party in the RCS lunchroom after we wrap (and clean the theater) on Saturday May 21st. She is ordering pizza (Dominoes), making cupcakes and getting other eats and drinks.

This is an awesome party - time for the kids to relax (and sing and dance - as if they haven't done enough of that!). It is truly one of my favorites parts of the week.

In order to cover the costs, please send $5 per person attending (cast, crew and parents) to me, Cam Barsness. You can either use PayPal (Name: Erik Barsness @erikbarsness), Venmo (name: Erik and Cam Barsness @Erik-Barsness) - both have a picture of Erik and I, or hand me cash.



Tickets are selling fast and we hope to sell out all remaining shows - so please encourage family and friends to grab a ticket before they're gone!!!

Please note, both the Saturday 2pm and the Saturday 7pm show will be livestreamed. Viewers will need to purchase a ticket ($20) which will give them a one-time access code via the ShowTix4U livestreaming site.


Thanks so much and see you at the theatre!!!