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Hello Wonka families,


As we come into the Christmas season and our break from school, we wanted to prepare families and cast members for what to expect in January.  This email has A BUNCH of really important information.  Please print it out and read it all the way through.  There is information about volunteer needs, call times, costumes needs, ticket sales, payments requested for concessions and after parties and so much more.  Please feel free to reply to either of us (Mrs. Jenna Hanson or Mrs. Nicole Turner) with any questions you may have.


  1. Sign up to volunteer

  2. Print and save rehearsal and call time schedule

  3. Have all costume undergarments at every rehearsal beginning January 9th

  4. Buy make-up needs and have at Carco on January 9th

  5. Get ready to buy tickets starting January 3rd.

  6. Have healthy food and drinks ready for Carco rehearsals/Shows

  7. Chapel Teaser January 12th – call time 8 am

  8. Pay $25 for concessions to Kari Audette by January 3rd

  9. RSVP for after party and pay $5 to Kenani Puryear for after party 

  10. Plan for all cast and families to Strike (clean the theatre) from 9 pm – 11 pm on January 21st


As many of you know all too well, putting on a show takes a village.  As has been the norm for many, many years, I (Mrs. Hanson) am focused on the acting and directing (and technical details), Nicole Turner does all the music, Maddie Schoenfeld does all the choreography, which means we need parents help all the other things!  That means we need everyone’s help to make this production happen!  In fact, it takes almost 20 parents volunteers for each tech/dress rehearsal and each show to get the kids ready and on stage!!!  For this reason, we ask each family to please volunteer for at least two shows, if not three (we of course want you to enjoy watching your child from the seat for at least one production).  We have the following volunteer options and would love to get you all signed ASAP:


  1. Jr. High Hair and Make-up pre show (lead by Sarah Otaki)

  2. Jr. High Costumes pre-show and during (lead by Erin Bouchez)

  3. Elementary Hair and Make-up pre show (need a leader)

  4. Elementary Costumes pre-show and during (lead by Anna Elstad)

  5. Backstage Props (lead by Donna Metcalf)

  6. Ticketing pre-show (need lead, assisted by Barbara DeCaro)

  7. Concessions Pre-show and during (lead by Kari Audette)

  8. Theatre Strike (taking everything out after the last show) - EVERYONE


During rehearsal on Saturday, we talked with those that were there and were able to get them slotted in, but we’d love to get the rest of your scheduled.  Please reply to this email and let us know your preferred times and locations/talents and we will get you on the schedule.  Please note, any and ALL backstage volunteers (elementary and Jr. High) are asked to be at DRESS REHEARSAL on Wednesday, January 18th to held rehears and learn hair, make-up, costumes and transition times.  




A reminder that all kids will take the BUS to Carco each day. 

Please note that your child must be at school to attend rehearsal and all rehearsals beginning January 7th are mandatory. 



All cast members will need to provide the following undergarments.  Please know that all costume changes will take place in an open environment, so cast members need to be comfortable in the undergarments in front of both genders. 

  1. Nude/White Cami/tank top

  2. Girls: Nude/White modesty shorts that will fit under all costumes

  3. Boys: Nude or White shorts that will fit under all costumes

For questions about Jr. High Costumes, please contact Erin Bouchez at 206-412-6160 and for questions about Elementary costumes, please contact Amber Billones at 206-412-9364 or  



As in past productions, we are asking for your help to donate toward concessions that get sold at each show (a fundraiser for the theatre program, which helps to pay the cost of renting 

Carco, microphones, dry ice machines, costumes, props, etc.). Therefore, we would ask each of you to consider helping or donating toward the requests below: 


Due Tuesday January 3rd. 


In order to make it easy for everyone, we are asking for each family (Jr. High and Elementary) to contribute $25 to help with the purchase of candy, drinks, flowers, etc. Once we have received funds, we will go shopping for everything at once. 


If you prefer to purchase your own items to bring (as has been requested in the past) to the theatre for us to use at concessions, please reach out to Kari Audette (contact information below) so that I can make sure to assign you something and not duplicate items.


How to contribute (preferably via Venmo):

  1. Venmo information: @kari-audette


Cash or check (payable to Kari Audette) turned in to Mrs. Hanson in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and write “Kari Audette” on the outside.


Please send $25 by Tuesday January 3rd. 

Please feel free to reach out to via phone/text or email if you have any questions:

Kari Audette



Make-up Needs: 

All Cast (Jr. High and Elementary) – both girls and boys:

  1. Ziploc bag with labeled with your Name

  2. Foundation: Please send full coverage liquid foundation (no powder or tinted moisturizer)

  3. Mascara: Jr. High Boys (only)

  4. Jr. High Girls: knowledge of how to apply fake eyelashes 

  5. (RCS will provide the eye lashes, but cast members must apply themselves)

  6. Eyeliner: Black for girls and Brown for boys (liquid works best for stage make-up)

  7. Lipstick – a warm, pinkish/reddish, neutral color. Please work directly with Sarah Otaki for any specific color needs (depending on your costumes)

RCS will Supply the follow items, however, if you prefer to bring your own, please feel free

  1. Blush 

  2. Eyeshadow 

  3. Character specific make-up (e.g., aging make-up for Grandmas and Grandpas)

Please bring these to Carco Theatre on Monday January 9 (our first Theatre rehearsal)



Tickets will go on sale January 3rd at


We will wait to advertise to the full RCS Community (via email and social media) until January 6th in order to give theatre families the opportunity to purchase tickets.  



Please DO send LOTS of WATER and snacks with your cast member. 


Please DO NOT bring items that can stain costumes or fingers (e.g., Doritos, Cheetos, raspberries, etc.)


Monday, January 9 (pick-up at 7): We will not break for dinner and expect that kids will eat dinner as they have time off stage.  Therefore, please be sure to send food with your cast member as they often get hungry well before a normal dinner time.  


Wednesday, January 11(pick-up at 7): We will not break for dinner and expect that kids will eat dinner as they have time off stage.  Therefore, please be sure to send food with your cast member as they often get hungry well before a normal dinner time.  


Thursday, January 12 (pick-up at 7): We will not break for dinner and expect that kids will eat dinner as they have time off stage.  Therefore, please be sure to send food with your cast member as they often get hungry well before a normal dinner time.  


Tuesday January 17 (pick-up at 8): We will not break for dinner and expect that kids will eat dinner as they have time off stage.  Therefore, please be sure to send food with your cast member as they often get hungry well before a normal dinner time.  


WEDNESDAY (Dress Rehearsal until 8 or later): We will take a dinner break around 4:45-5(ish). If you want to bring you cast member food, please do so at this time. However, if they miss dinner break, they may not have a chance to eat until after the second run through of the show. Therefore, being early is always better than being late


THURSDAY/FRIDAY: your child will likely need to eat dinner by 4:30 before we do full costume and make-up. Please make sure they have a sack dinner so that they can eat when they are at a breaktime.  If you are having food delivered to the theatre, please have it there by 4 pm. 


SATURDAY: Cast members should arrived (10:30 am) fed and ready to make it through lunch. We will take a full dinner break between shows - likely about 4/4:30. 


Chapel Teaser

Thursday, January 12th students need to be at school by 8 AM for chapel.

All cast members need to be dressed in normal uniform bottom (or black pants) and their Wonka. T-shirt. They MUST have the T-shirt to perform with the cast. 



We are contracted to have the theater empty and clean by as close to 10 pm as possible on Saturday night.

This means we need EVERYONE TO STAY AND HELP (including the students).  Please note that no students can leave the theatre until it is completely cleaned and clear.  


Please, please, please make plans to stay and help us load costumes, sets, props, concessions, and everything else out.

Please let me know if you can take:

  1. 2-3 Trucks/Trailer for LARGE set items

  2. Costumes to take back to RCS – 3-4 cars

  3. Costumes/Make-up baskets back to RCS – 2 cars

  4. Take costumes home to be washed - 3-4 people



In theatre there is a tradition to have a big celebration/party after the final show for all of the cast and crew.  This year, the party will be held in the lunchroom at RCS.  There will be pizza, drinks, treats and soooo much signing & dancing – you will be amazed at the amount of energy, laughter and noise still left in these kiddos on Saturday night.   The party starts after the theatre is 100% cleared (usually between 10 – 10:30, maybe 11 since the runtime of the show is longer than the Jr’s we’ve done the last couple years) and lasts until 11:30 or Midnight.  We simply ask that anyone attending pay a $5 fee to Kenani Puryear to cover the food costs.  This means if a parent and a cast member are coming, the cost would be $10.  Please plan to Venmo Kenani ahead of time so that she can get an accurate headcount before ordering pizza.   


Thank you all so much for all your help thus far.  The cast members are getting so excited, and we can’t wait to watch them shine on stage.  Please have them practice their lines and dances many, many times over break.  Once we get back, there are only SEVEN rehearsals before we go LIVE at Carco!  


Blessings and Merry Christmas to all,

Jenna Hanson and Nicole Turner

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