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Costumes needs for the play: Please bring these items to the school/practice on either the 13th, 15th or 18th.  The absolute DROP DEAD date to bring them in Monday January 20th, but by that time you will have me and Heidi VERY stressed ;)


**Please label every item you bring with your child’s name



    • Foundation labeled with your name:  Even if you don’t normally wear foundation (I am talking to all the boys out there) you still need to bring a foundation that matches your skin tone.  Remember this is theater and true liquid foundation is a thing for everyone!

      • Some good options would be: 

        • Revlon Color Stay 

        • Maybelline Fit Me

        • ***I have gotten a ton of questions about this – for elementary students this is not as important and a pressed foundation would work great.  For lead Jr. High parts we need a full liquid foundation.

    • Undergarments: every cast member must wear a tank top (white or nude) and shorts/dance shorts.  This is very important as costume changes may happen out in the open and all bodies need to be appropriately covered. 

      • Please wear these or have these at the theater for all practices


  • Snow Chorus (Amelia, Kaja, Lucianna, Zoe, and Tonya) 

    • White ballet slippers

    • White ballet tights



  • Summer Chorus:

    • Summer Sandal: Please bring a pair of flip flops (that they can dance in) or summer sandals to wear.  

    • Bermuda Shorts:  UPDATE: these needs to be tan or khaki colored – NO Black or Navy blue. 


  • Week of production needs:

    • On-site seamstress with sewing machine at all rehearsals and performances.

    • On-call crafter with stitching/crafting ability for any costume repairs and/or emergency projects or purchases.

  • HELP: Please text or email Heidi your name, number and availability and ability to help over the next three weeks.  IT IS NEEDED!

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